Continuing Education Program on 5G Cybersecurity.

5G will offer ultra-high transmission speed with low latency and will be able to provide services to a huge number smartphones and IoT devices. Thanks to these features, 5G networks will support extremely critical applications and will transfer an unpredictable quantity of information and personal data. It is essential to secure the full and continuous operation of 5G networks and protect them from attacks that may lead to critical disservices or to the disclosure of personal and confidential data.

Protecting applications and data is therefore a critical development factor for the 5G universe. But, nowadays, there is a significant lack of adequate skills, both in private companies and public administrations. Hence the need to train a generation of technicians and managers able to efficiently support 5G cybersecurity in terms of infrastructures, applications and data. significant lack of adequate skills, sia nelle aziende, sia nella pubblica amministrazione. Nasce quindi l?esigenza di formare una generazione di tecnici e di manager capaci di rendere affidabili e sicure le infrastrutture 5G, le applicazioni che le utilizzano e i dati che vengono scambiati e memorizzati.